Assessment Services

How do we Evaluate?

In addition to the assessments and surveys we use, we do on-site Shadowing of Individuals, Concentrated Interviews, and Focus Groups. With such excercises we will diagnose you or your company’s problem areas and provide you with options to help improve.

We offer several types of assessments:

The Personality Profile
The PDP Personality Profile Survey measures the major aspects of self-perception. Identifying all aspects of each employee’s personality is essential to having a productive workforce that can communicate effectively and accomplish the tasks before them. At the conclusion of the PDP Pro Scan Survey, you will have a success formula which will enable communication and accomplishment to occur better than ever before.

The Prevue Assessment
The Prevue Assessment™ is an evaluation tool for putting the right people into jobs. What’s more it’s an excellent guide for managers and trainers to help them manage and train more effectively. At the conclusion of the Prevue Assessment you will have a complete 14-page report on every person evaluated.

Leadership and Managerial Evaluations
Leadership and Managerial Evaluations begin with a self-administered feedback questionnaire based on the key concepts of effective leadership or managerial skills. In addition, an anonymous collection of data from supervisors, peers, subordinates, and customers is collected. All of the data is then analyzed and individual goals are set. A follow-up consultation to determine progress is also scheduled.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient Evaluation
There are two types of EQ assessments, both are done through ARMES©, and both are necessary in order to attain a complete evaluation of your Emotional Intelligence Quotient. The ARMES© EQ Self Assessment is completed by you and will determine how you see yourself. The ARMES© EQ 360° Assessment is to be completed by four to eight of your peers and will determine how others view you.

Fact sheets on the Emotional Intelligence Quotient are also available:

Assessments and Surveys

Employee Attitude
The Employee Attitude Survey is administered to ascertain the morale and motivation of employees; to, in effect, take a temperature reading of the organization so that a proper prescription for improvement can result.

Customer Survey
The Customer Survey developed by RAC can be customized to your businesses key elements of customer service. Feedback can include: demographics in various terms; the importance of various aspects of customer service; a rating of personnel; and open ended questions.

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