What is it?

Shadowing is a snapshot, a combination of assessment and coaching. It entails our spending time with an employee on the job.

During the time we spend with an employee, all of his/her activities are recorded and analyzed, and the employee is coached toward being more productive and results-oriented.

How Does it Work?

The manager who requests the Shadow and the individual who is Shadowed receive a Shadowing Report which:

  • Lists the activities for the time period.
  • Breaks the major activities into percentages.
  • Offers recommendations for on the job improvements and suggestions for future training.

Why Shadow?

Shadowing is most effective when you want to know exactly how individuals spend their time and when coaching on the job (instant feedback) is called for.

Shadowing provides an objective look at a particular time period in the work life of an employee. Shadowing adds impact to the learning process because the coaching is immediate and reviewed and followed up with a written report.

Shadowing can be used to:

  • Gather information about how someone is doing a particular job.
  • Assess an individual for a promotion.
  • Provide on the job coaching.
  • Determine the value of the activities being performed.

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