Leadership / Management Interactive Webinars

Presented by Frank Ciecierski, President of Resource Action Concepts, Inc (RAC) and Crest Consulting, Coaching, and Training:

  • 24 years of successfully working with organizations in the U.S. and Canada, providing training, coaching, consulting and assessment services.
  • 16 years as an Adjunct Professor of Management at Pace University (eight years on the undergraduate level and eight years in the MBA Management Program).
  • 7 years as an executive with two major corporations

A partial list of topics:

  1. The Differences Between Leadership and Management
  2. Theories of Leadership
  3. Goal Setting and Time and Stress Management, Part 1
  4. Time and Stress Management, Part 2
  5. Supportive Communication (Including Listening)
  6. Non-Verbal Communication
  7. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  8. Gaining Power and Influence
  9. Motivation
  10. Conflict Management
  11. Delegation and Empowerment
  12. Teams and Teamwork
  13. Presentation Skills
  14. Leading and Managing the Different Generations
  15. Self Coaching and Future Goal Setting

The Benefits/Rewards

  • Review Leadership / Management concepts
  • Learn new insights
  • Extend new and previously learned concepts


  • Materials after each session
  • Each session recorded for future review
  • Individual coaching on any topic, provided for those interested

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