Coaching & Counseling

Bottom Line Basics

1. Know Yourself (Strengths and Weaknesses); Know Others; and Take Action

1.1 Physical Rapport and Body Language
1.2 Emotional Rapport and Personality Style
1.3 Psychological Rapport and Learning/Thinking Style
1.4 Intellectual Rapport – Integrating it all

Sensitivity Line
Tolerance of Ambiguity
Locus of Control
Cognitive Style

2. Evaluation and Assessment of your Employees

2.1 Personality Profile (PDP)
2.2 Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ)
2.3 Leadership/Management Skills Assessment
2.4 Personal Interviews and Goal Setting

3. Conducting the Coaching/Counseling Sessions

3.1 One on One Meetings
3.2 Team Coaching/Counseling
3.3 Telephone Coaching/Counseling
3.4 The use of E-mail and Faxes

4. Evaluation and Follow-up

4.1 Measurements
4.2 Motivation
4.3 Time and Stress Management

5. Dealing with Difficult Employees

6. Your Action Plan

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