EQ, Personality & Team Building


1. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Personality

1.1 EQ Overview
1.2 EQ Assessment
1.3 Personality Similarities and Differences
1.4 Team Composition

2. Team Rapport Building Skills

2.1 Physical Rapport – Non-Verbal Communication
2.2 Personality Rapport –Adjusting and Blending
2.3 Psychological Rapport – Learning/Thinking Styles
2.4 Intellectual Rapport – Common Ground and Win/Win

3. Team Life Cycles

3.1 Stages of Development
3.2 Team Development Game Plan

4. A Winning Company Team Model

4.1 Purpose and Goals
4.2 Composition and Roles
4.3 Team Performance and Productivity

5. Team Member Skills

5.1 Goal Setting and Cooperation
5.2 Problem Solving and Logical Thinking
5.3 Team Decision Making and Consensus Building
5.4 Motivation, Conflict Management, and Leadership
5.5 Running a Meeting

6. Project Planning Exercise and Your Action Plan

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