Practical Leadership Skills


1. How to Coach and Counsel Employees

1.1 Skills, Knowledge, Values, and Attitudes
1.2 Evaluation and Assessment of your Employees
1.3 Conducting the Coaching/Counseling Sessions
1.4 Evaluation and Follow-Up

2. How to Creatively Solve Problems

2.1 A Problem Solving Model
2.2 Creativity and Innovation
2.3 Problem Recognition, Labeling, and Characteristics

3. How to Motivate

3.1 The Classic Concepts
3.2 The Language of Influence
3.3 People’s Hot Buttons

4. Problem Clinics

4.1 “Real” Problems Presented by Participants
4.2 Relevant Details and Identification of the Players
4.3 The Impact the Problem is Having on Individuals, Groups, and the Hospital

5. How to Build a Successful Team

5.1 Team Intelligence
5.2 The Stages of Team Development
5.3 Goals and Objectives
5.4 Team Leadership Styles
5.5 Team Decision Making
5.6 Empowerment and Rewards
5.7 Difficult Team Members

6. Skill Choices

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Setting Goals & Articulating a Vision
  • Managing Conflict
  • Oral Presentations
  • Assertiveness
  • Setting Goals & Negotiating
  • Managing Diversity
  • Learn More…

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