Performance Evaluation Skills


1. Where are you?

1.1 Self Assessment Instrument and Delegation Aptitude Survey
1.2 Personality
1.3 Learning/Thinking Style
1.4 Skills
1.5 Knowledge
1.6 Values
1.7 Attitudes
1.8 Sensitivity Line
1.9 Tolerance of Ambiguity
1.10 Locus of Control
1.11 Cognitive Style

2. Preparing for an Effective Performance Appraisal

2.1 Pre-Planning Techniques
2.2 Using the Form Successfully

3. Performance Appraisals

3.1 Key Concepts
3.2 The Employee Development Plan

4. Negotiating

4.1 The Elements of Negotiation
4.2 Power Factors in Negotiation

Constituencies and Organizational Support/Authority
Time Pressures, Deadlines, Legitimacy, and Options to the Agreement
Personal Power

4.3 Strategies and Techniques

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