Management Skills for Supervisors


1.     Rapport Building Skills

1.1 Personality Rapport -Flexibility and Blending
1.2 Personality Rapport -Flexibility and Blending
1.3 Psychological Rapport – Learning/Thinking Style
1.4 Emotional and Intellectual Rapport – Common Ground and Win/Win

2.     Supportive Communication

2.1 Non-Defensive Behavior
2.2 Coaching and Counseling
2.3 Probing, Reflecting, Advising, and Deflecting

3.     Conflict Management

3.1 The Five Basic Approaches to Conflict
3.2 Interpersonal Skills
3.3 Resolving Conflicts

4.     Motivation

4.1 Motivational Factors Test
4.2 Maslow’s Hierarchy

5.     Delegation

5.1 Delegation Aptitude Survey
5.2 Eight Degrees and Styles of Delegation

6.     Team Building – A Winning Company Team Model

6.1 Purpose and Goals
6.2 Composition and Roles
6.3 Team Performance and Productivity

7.     Time and Stress Management

7.1 The Basics
7.2 Managing Time and Stress

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