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The PDP Personality Profile

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The PDP Personality Profile Survey measures the major aspects of self-perception. A four quadrant system, the Profile:

  • Reveals the individual’s basic personality, reaction to the environment, and predictable behavioral patterns.
  • Identifies strengths and intensities in people, enabling managers to recognize each employee’s success formula and to capitalize on this for their mutual benefit.
  • Measures Dominance (the control trait), Extroversion (the people trait), Pace (the urgency trait), Conformity (the structure trait), and Logic (the rationale trait).

Applications and Benefits

  • Hiring: valuable for quick Profile information on job candidates or new hires.
  • Recruiting: write recruiting ads using motivators for better selection.
  • Job Match: assists in matching people to tasks and tailoring jobs to talents.
  • Promoting: very useful for assisting to determine promotable individuals.
  • Turnover Reduction: helps reduce turnover through improved work climate.
  • Conflict Resolution: a unique tool to help resolve individual differences.
  • Team Building: an initial method for evaluating the “mix” of a team.
  • Sales Training: a first step in identifying selling and buying styles.
  • Customer Relations: helps improve customer relations through customer reps and staff effectiveness training.
  • Self Development: interesting as a “self analysis” tool.

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