Prevue Assessment


The Prevue Assessment™ is an evaluation tool for putting the right people into jobs. What’s more it’s an excellent guide for managers and trainers to help them manage and train more effectively.
By measuring Mental Abilities, Motivation/Interests, and Key Personality Characteristics, the Prevue is able to yield a concise summary of job-related factors indicating whether an individual is likely to achieve above average success in a particular job. Prevue has customizing features that facilitate its use in any business or organization. It can be “custom fit” for geographical differences, a variety of management styles and unique corporate cultures.

Applications and Benefits

By analyzing the characteristics of people who excel in a particular job, the Prevue is able to construct a “Success Pattern.” This pattern can be compared to the characteristics of those being considered as candidates for the job as a means of determining “job fit.” Experience shows that job-fit is the most important factor in successful job performance and no other assessment tool is as thorough as the Prevue at supplying this information.

By reducing the incidences of improper hiring, increasing the effectiveness of training, and by sharply cutting the amount of turnover, the Prevue helps eliminate or reduce many of an organization’s expenses. Managers have more time to manage effectively, productivity increases and the bottom line grows significantly.

The Prevue Assessment™:

  • Evaluates the total person.
  • Complies with EEOC, ADA, Civil Rights Acts, and Other State & Federal Laws.
  • Has been validated with employed people—not students.
  • Creates a success pattern, interview questions, and Coaching & Counseling Reports.
  • Yields a complete 14-page report on every person it evaluates.

If you are interested in undergoing a Prevue Assessment, please contact Frank Ciecierski.

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