Leadership 360


The The Leadership Feedback Questionnaire (LFQ) contains 20 questions based on the key qualities of successful leaders with room for comments after each question. The key qualities are: willingness to trust people; teaching and communication skills; allowing subordinates to solve most problems; time management; basic understanding of the business; setting performance standards; providing positive recognition; providing a vision for the department; putting the good of the department ahead of personal agendas; effective meetings; ability to motivate; visibility; sense of humor; decision making ability; acceptance of criticism; following through on commitments; open mindedness; standards of dignity; values of the corporation; and accomplishing work through people by delegating correctly.

In addition to a self-evaluation, the process includes an anonymous collection of data from six or more people, including the immediate supervisor, peers, subordinates, customers, suppliers, and others. The data is tallied and analyzed, and individual goals are set based on the analysis. Follow up is then scheduled to determine progress.

Applications and Benefits

  1. Creates a link between the feedback and a strategic initiative or a business need.
  2. Allows individuals to focus on their unique needs.
  3. Provides for more accurate and objective performance evaluations.
  4. Presents information for leadership and managerial skill development.
  5. Helps to facilitate the development of talent.
  6. Offers areas for coaching and counseling work.
  7. Fosters a developmental work environment.

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