Customer Survey


The satisfaction, loyalty, and reference ability of customers directly affect corporate growth and profitability. Measuring and managing them are crucial to effective day to day operations and long term strategic planning. Knowledge of customers’ perceptions and attitudes about an organization’s business will greatly enhance its opportunity to make better business decisions.

The Customer Survey developed by RAC can be customized to your businesses key elements of customer service. Usually, the questionnaire has 40 or more questions in five different sections. Feedback includes: demographics in terms of areas of responsibility, type of customer, sex, age, length of time with present company, and length of time as a customer; the importance of various aspects of customer service; a rating of Customer Service Reps, Sales People; Production People; and/or Technical Support People; and open ended questions on the most critical service issues.

RAC uses a proven process that guarantees at least a 40% return of questionnaires.

Applications and Benefits


  • Why customers chose your product or service over a competitor’s.
  • How customers feel about the level of service they receive from your company.
  • How to serve your customers better in low-cost or no-cost ways.
  • How to exploit unbiased feedback through anonymous, third-party surveying.

Let us show you through the Survey results how to:

  • Gather information on how to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Apply feedback to assess business directions, strategies, and the competition.
  • Use information from the Survey to increase sales.
  • Communicate key company news beneficial to long term business endeavors.
  • Decide where to focus and invest first.
  • Determine and/or clarify the strengths and weaknesses of personnel.
  • Publicize your company’s market presence.

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